Joe Montana's Son to Workout for San Francisco 49ers

By Lance Cartelli
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

A familiar name will be back on the San Francisco 49ers field on Wednesday. Nate Montana, former 49ers Hall of Fame QB Joe Montana‘s son, will be working out for the team at their local pro day.

Nate hasn’t had quite the legendary career that his father did. After following in his father’s footsteps and enrolling at the University of Notre Dame, his college career took some unexpected turns and after a couple transfers he ended up at West Virginia Wesleyan. Montana figures to be undrafted, but a strong workout could help him become a priority undrafted free agent and we’ve seen other undrafted QBs end up becoming starters in their career including Dallas Cowboys starting QB Tony Romo.

Rumors are circulating that at the workout, Cowboys defenders will be sent to rush Montana and that he will roll to his right and throw up a prayer to one of his best friends also working out, Dwight Clark‘s son.  If Clark’s son can emulate his father, I’m sure they will both have a shot at making the Niners 90-man roster and a chance to make history in their own right.

No word yet on if Jerry Rice‘s son will attend the workout and if Bill Walsh‘s kid will be coaching them up and calling the plays, but I would strongly recommend it if they’re reading this. Which I’m sure they are. The 49ers have been void of their glory days since the 80s, but now that they are winning, it would be nice to see that familiar name on the back of a 49ers jersey like it should be.

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