2013 NFL Draft: Tavon Austin to Buffalo Bills at No. 8?

By Andrew Fisher
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most explosive, if not the most explosive player in this year’s NFL Draft, is Tavon Austin. The speedy utility wide receiver figures to go fairly early in the first round, but just how early, is still undetermined.

One team that has been linked to interest in Austin, is the Buffalo Bills at No. 8. Once a spot where the team figured to draft a quarterback, now has been opened up by the signing of Kevin Kolb.

Buffalo has some good pass-catchers for Kolb to work with, but they certainly don’t have a top-tier unit. Austin would add an explosive play-maker, that would instantly make the offense more dynamic. I think of Austin as a Percy Harvin-type, as in a player a team can line up nearly anywhere on the field. Austin likens himself to Reggie Bush, either way, you get the idea. It’s a ‘just get him the ball’ situation.

Austin has big play ability, and in today’s NFL, he should thrive. In the past he may have been viewed as too small at only 5’8″ and 174 lbs, but that’s no longer the case. Players the size of Austin are now able to hang in there, with more of the focus on speed, on both sides of the ball.

The main question for Buffalo – will he be available at No. 8? Some analysts think the Cleveland Browns will pull the trigger at No. 6, while others, think the Bills are using Austin as a smokescreen. Other teams shortly behind the Bills are rumored to be very interested in his services, so Buffalo could stand to gain just by targeting the talented wide out.

I don’t think they can go wrong by drafting him, but at the same time, using him as trade bait might also be a solid option.


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