Arizona Cardinals in Better Shape With Carson Palmer at QB

By Andrew Fisher

While fans of the Arizona Cardinals may not exactly be thrilled with the acquisition of quarterback Carson Palmer, they have to feel a little bit better. The crap situation that was John Skelton and Kevin Kolb, is no more. Whatever that was, wasn’t working, and the Cardinals found themselves unable to contend in the NFC West over the last couple of seasons.

Palmer is no doubt a quarterback that’s down to his last chance. With two failed stops under his belt, it’s put up or shut up time for the veteran. He’s never lived up to the hype as the best QB from the 2003 class, but here he is 10 years later, with once last shot.

The best thing Palmer has going for him? Larry Fitzgerald. Talk about a gift for a QB…

I’m confident Palmer and Fitzgerald will be successful together. Palmer isn’t great, but he’s no slouch either. Never before has he had a receiver the caliber of Fitzgerald, and I think he’ll make the most of it. Palmer will need the team to add more weapons around him, but having arguably the league’s best wide out, isn’t a bad start.

There is something to be said for a player’s mental state, and leaving a bad team in Oakland, will have to do wonders for Palmer. He’s at least in a situation that could be successful, and he has talent to work with. The Cardinals have a good defense, and now an upgraded offense with Palmer at the helm. I’m not going to say they will make any noise next season, but they’ve got a much better chance than they did a year ago.


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