Is Tyrod Taylor Good Enough For The Baltimore Ravens?

By Wola Odeniran
Mitch Stringer-USA Today Sports

The Baltimore Ravens have been comfortable with the third year backup, Tyrod Taylor, by providing limited competition for him with Curtis Painter signing with the team briefly last season and the recent signing of Caleb Hanie. Like Painter, don’t expect Hanie to be anything more than a camp body. Joe Flacco and Taylor can’t be the only quarterbacks throwing all off-season. But at the same time, the Ravens have never really pushed him for the second string job.

Taylor has seen limited time over the past couple of seasons. His only real action came when the game was a blowout win for the Ravens, or in a rare case in week 17 last season where he saw the majority of the snaps due to the Ravens clinching basically every possible playoff scenario they were comfortable with.

But some Raven fans have not been pleased with what they have seen. Some fans think the quarterback is too quick to run and not go through his progressions. He doesn’t have ideal size and the fact that he has lacked accuracy when getting playing time is troublesome. Well, that’s all well and good to say that, but at the same time it should be noted that Taylor has played with second and third string backups when the first team get’s their rest during the regular season. Not much to work with for the young player. Flacco would struggle with what Taylor had to work with as well. Taylor is plenty good enough for the Ravens.

The Ravens made a huge investment for the starter this year in Flacco. So with that said, if fans think the Ravens should upgrade, where are you looking to find a better replacement?

Just face it. The aspect of having your team carrying a huge insurance policy at the backup position does not exist. These days, the league is just filled with young players waiting to get their turn as cheap investments. Taylor can play. He is the norm around the league. Many teams invest in young backups.

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