The Baltimore Ravens Against The Denver Broncos Week One Is Most likely

By Wola Odeniran


Ron Chenoy- USA Today Sports

The Baltimore Ravens pulled off arguably one of the greatest comebacks in NFL playoff history when they won in double overtime against the Denver Broncos this past January. It was a thriller, and it created unfinished business for the Broncos. One would assume the league is planning the anticipated rematch with the Broncos looking for revenge.

For the Ravens, it is unusual that a defending champion will start their season on the road for the first time since 2004, when the league first went to the opening game on Thursday night for the champion to celebrate their trophy in front of their home crowd.

Is this another chip on the shoulder of the Ravens? You bet. With a lot of people already discrediting the team from even repeating look for the Ravens to treat this game just like the playoff game, which is bad news for the Broncos if this is indeed a week one match-up.

The Ravens got their revenge in the playoffs, as they had suffered a defeat to the Broncos during the regular season. The regular season loss was the low point for the Ravens organization. They had just fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron at the time and replaced him with Jim Caldwell, and they suffered their first loss at home since December of 2010. Joe Flacco threw an interception at the end of the first half, which looked as if the franchise quarterback was at a crossroads during his contract year. Little did we know that the interception would be his last for the rest of the season.

But It’s funny how things have gone full circle since then. For the Ravens, the December loss to the Broncos was a point where most of the media were stating that the Broncos were the class of the league, and the Ravens were just going to fade as the season wore on. We saw how that turned out.

Now the Ravens are champions in the football world, and still the Broncos are favorite to win it all and the Ravens are nothing more than history (and will miss the playoffs) due to all the changes the team has gone through this offseason.

The playoff game was easily the best game of the season last year and it gives both teams a chance to pick up where they left off. The bad news for the Broncos is Elvis Dumervil being on the Ravens side this time.

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