Baltimore Ravens Take Their Aggression On The Road Instead Of Home

By Wola Odeniran


Evan Habeeb- USA Today Sports

When the Baltimore Ravens open on the road against the Denver Broncos, it will be a rematch of a thriller in the second round of the playoffs this past season. The Ravens may have a chip on their shoulder for this one, with doubters considering them non-playoff contenders after just winning the championship.

The Broncos are once again the favorites to win it all, and the only game that is on their mind is their last loss. They believed everything was aligned for them to go all the way, and it didn’t happen for them. Bronco fans believe they gave the game away.

No they didn’t — they just lost.

They also endured another loss to the Ravens this offseason in losing Elvis Dumervil to the champs. Dumervil can provide the Ravens with information on the Broncos defense and their tendencies for how they approach the game. With the Ravens still looking at question marks at the left tackle position, any information on how to hold off Von Miller is info well noted.

Is it fair for the Ravens to open up on the road? No it isn’t. When you look at the fact that other champs got to host and celebrate among their fans since 2004, more should had been done.

But, it’s in the past. So once again, the Ravens must prove the rest of the country wrong and defeat the media darling Broncos in their house once more.

Regardless of where and when the game was played, it was going to be a hard task. Peyton Manning may still be firing on all cylinders, but Joe Flacco is still coming into his own.

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