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Chicago Bears Correct to Limit Devin Hester to Special Teams

Matthew Emmons-USA Today Sports

One player that needs to have a rebound season for the Chicago Bears, is Devin Hester. However, he won’t be doing it via the passing game. Marc Trestman and his staff have decided that Hester will no longer be a receiver for the team, and instead, he’ll focus on being a return specialist. But according to the latest reports out of Bears’ minicamp, Hester won’t be limited to just returning kicks.

The latest plans also have Hester involved in kick coverage, and the team using him as a ‘gunner.’ This isn’t exactly the first role you’d think of for the speedy returner, but it does make sense. In theory, if he’s one of the fastest guys on the field, he should get to the opposing return man before almost anyone else.

While you might think Hester would be opposed this role, he’s actually very excited about it. He said that he’s ‘reenergized,’ and added, “Just a new year for me…Fresh start for me, new coaching staff.”

Hester is right on the money with his assessment. I think it’s safe to say the experiment with him as a receiver failed, and now it’s time to refocus on what he does best – returning.

After failing to take a return to the house in 2012, many started to wonder if his days in Chicago would be coming to an end. While it’s not quite to that point yet, I think a bad 2013 season will end his tenure in Chi-town. For now, it’s great to see the team putting him in the best possible situation to be successful. Hester is probably the best returner in league history, and the Bears need him to again become the x-factor he once was.


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