NFL Schedule: Revenge Will be on the Denver Broncos' Minds in the Season Opener

By Joe Morrone
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The long rumored opener between the Denver Broncos versus the Baltimore Ravens is all but a reality. The NFL schedule is to be released in full on Thursday night, but word has all ready leaked that the Ravens will visit the Broncos in a playoff rematch to open the 2013 season. The game will take place on September 5th at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, the scene of the crime as far as the Broncos are concerned.

Opening with the Ravens is a great way to kickoff what is expected to be a special season for the Broncos. The players who have spoken this week as the offseason workouts began have been extremely honest; the loss to the Ravens hurt then and it hurts now. Having that game as the season opener gives the Broncos a focus point as they go through their conditioning, the mini-camps, training camp and the preseason.

When the weights feel too heavy, Von Miller will think of the opener versus the Ravens and do five more reps. Peyton Manning will demand his receivers stay out for five more minutes, and he will use the game with the Ravens as motivation. When the players are struggling through the third-week of training camp, John Fox will bring up the Ravens in the opener and the team will fight their way through the fatigue.

The Ravens won the playoff game and they deserve all the credit for spoiling the Broncos dream, but that was the 2012 season. The Broncos, in part because of that loss, are driven to end the 2013 season in a much different way. Some teams ease into the season by beating sub-par teams, but the Broncos don’t get that luxury this year.

The Broncos open with the World Champions at home looking to exercise some demons, and begin a journey that will end with them holding the trophy that they believe was stolen from them on a frigid January day.

It’s still over four months away, but make no mistake; every Broncos player, every coach, every employee and every fan has all ready circled September 5th on their calendars. Yes it’s about getting a small bit of revenge, but more importantly it’s about kicking off a season that will end with a championship.

We will have a more in-depth look at the complete schedule for the Broncos when it is released later on Thursday.

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