Philadelphia Eagles' Brent Celek Praises Chip Kelly's Coaching Style

By Jack Jorgensen
Howard Smith- USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with USA TODAY, Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek let his feelings be known about the coaching style of his new head coach, Chip Kelly. And, if there were any questions as to whether or not the players were buying into the former Oregon Ducks head coach’s system, Celek may have calmed those doubters.

Celek firmly believes that Kelly’s coaching methods will change the game.

Now, before anyone wants to lash out (like most have already) and take the comments out of context, please don’t. Celek was mainly talking about the communication aspect of the coach’s style. He was not saying that Chip is to NFL offense what Elvis Presley was to Rock n’ Roll. He was mainly expressing his feelings about the way the coach communicates on and off the field.

On the field, Kelly’s style is unorthodox to say the least. Using flash cards with images of Simpsons characters, ESPN anchors and even opposing coaches, just to name a few, to signal in the plays on offense, Chip has had opposing coaches scratching their heads for years.

Probably the most anticipated aspect we wait to see about the offense is whether or not Kelly will use his NHL-like substitution policy. In his years at Oregon, he would regularly substitute in four or five players at a time for certain situations.

Now while people may say, “well some coaches do that already!” Yes, you are correct. Usually though, it’s a group of receivers or running backs. Chip has proven to substitute linemen, if the situation rightfully calls for it in his system — something that would be considered a little abnormal in the professional ranks.

Off the field, Kelly is also gaining praise among Celek and the rest of the roster.

With methods such as personalized heart monitors and customized sleep tests, Kelly pushes caring about winning to a whole new level. But, with his fast-paced offensive style, he needs to have his athletes maintained at peak levels, and that is exactly what he is striving to do at the highest level.

And, if you produce well enough, Chip also offers personalized frozen smoothies. You even get to pick the flavor. This alone would make me praise my head coach too.


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