Rant Sports 2013 NFL Mock Draft: Buffalo Bills Select Cordarrelle Patterson at No. 8

By Scott DelleFave


Cordarrelle Patterson
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The Buffalo Bills took a calculated gamble with the eight pick in the 2013 NFL Draft by selecting University of Tennessee Volunteers’ wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson. Calculated because, the Bills don’t have a whole lot of depth at wide receiver.

The Buffalo Bills current receiver depth chart looks like this:

  1. Stevie Johnson
  2. T.J. Graham
  3. Brad Smith
  4. Marcus Easley
  5. Kevin Elliot
  6. Chris Hogan

It wouldn’t be shocking if they dipped early again maybe as soon as round three and take a second wide receiver due the amount of depth of talent in this year’s class.

Patterson has the highest upside of anyone coming out this year, that being said his floor might be lower than anyone as well and will be the first wide receiver likely taken in this year’s draft. He has been one of the most talked about wide receivers this year in college football mainly due the fact he seemingly exploded onto the scene this year.

Here’s a simple scouting report on Patterson:

Height: 6’ 2”

Weight 216 lbs.

40-Yard Dash: 4.42

Strengths: Upon catching the ball, he looks down the field nearly immediately. Has a knack for catching extremely difficult passes. Patterson is also extremely versatile as the Volunteers also used him occasionally at halfback.


Patterson only played one year in the FBS, the first two years he played at a community college so he’s extremely green still when it comes to nearly everything including route running and level of competition. It’s unknown if he can catch the ball at the highest point or not since he was never asked to do that in Knoxville.

Overall analysis:

As it was said before he’s boom or bust, which might scare some teams from taking him, but the Buffalo Bills have taken players out of Tennessee and had much short term success with them, however Patterson seems like a long term solution if he continues to grow up before our eyes.

At No. 9, the New York Jets select…

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