Ryan Nassib Could Be Viable Option for Buffalo Bills

By Joe Wedra
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Ryan Fitzpatrick era has ended and for the Buffalo Bills, and they are looking for a 2013 season full of new faces and shining stars. Former Syracuse coach Doug Marrone will be taking over and try to construct what he hopes to be a team that can make a deep run in the playoffs.

Everything will have to start at the quarterback spot for the Bills, as their offense is one that needs to score and mesh early. Look for this need to be addressed in the upcoming NFL Draft — maybe even on day one.

There has been a great amount of speculation that Buffalo will take a QB with their eighth overall pick, but who could be the guy for the job? If Geno Smith happens to fall, it would be a no-brainer that Marrone and the rest of the Bills’ brass would grab him. That seems unlikely however, and that will leave us to wonder who the next man up would be.

Matt Barkley from USC or E.J Manuel from Florida State seem to be valid options at this point, but could a wild-card player from the Big East be the best option at No. 8? Let’s explore the option of Ryan Nassib from Syracuse.

Nassib is a tremendous player who could be a great option not just because of his skills on the field, but his relationship with coach Marrone. Nassib was Marrone’s QB when the coach worked at Syracuse, and their relationship would undoubtedly transfer over well to the NFL. If Buffalo decided to go with Nassib, the tandem would be reunited and wouldn’t have missed a beat.

When it comes to his skill-set on the field, he has some assets that will certainly catch the eyes of executives across the league. His game management is very good, and the young signal-caller possesses good arm strength.

While the Bills could go after a defensive star or a wide receiver, Nassib seems to be a very viable option.

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