Should Dallas Cowboys Consider Trading a Second Round Pick for Tackle Branden Albert?

By Ben Grimaldi
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This is the time in the 2013 NFL Draft process that the rumors start coming fast and furious and there is one rumor that might interest the Dallas Cowboys. The Kansas City Chiefs are reportedly shopping tackle Branden Albert for a second round draft pick.

Now before I go too far looking into whether it makes sense for the Cowboys to consider the offering up the second round pick, let me just say that it would probably take more than just a second round pick for the Cowboys. They simply sit too far back in the second round for it to be enough for the Chiefs to bite, so it could possibly take the Cowboys adding an extra pick to sweeten the deal.

Knowing that, does trading for Albert make sense for the Cowboys? In a word, no. It isn’t that Albert wouldn’t make a great addition to the Cowboys offensive line because he would. He’s one of the best tackles in the NFL and he’s paved the way for Jamaal Charles to rush for three 1,000 yard seasons, so he would make an excellent set of bookend tackles with Tyron Smith. It would also mean the Cowboys have one less position to worry about in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Despite all of the good that can come from acquiring Branden Albert, it would mean the loss of a draft pick or two, in addition to the Cowboys working out a new contract with him. Albert is looking for a new deal, a hefty contract at that, which the Cowboys don’t have the money for. If they can’t sign Eric Winston it’s hard to see how they would have the money to pursue Albert. Again, even if the Cowboys cut Doug Free they don’t free up any of his money until June and this trade needs to happen within the next week.

I also wouldn’t want to be giving up draft picks in a really good draft year, which is what we have in 2013. The Cowboys will have plenty of options in the first three rounds to get better with young players who can step in right away and play, so keeping the picks they have at a cheaper price makes the most sense.

Branden Albert is really good player but the Cowboys would be wise to not entertain the idea of trading for him.

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