2013 NFL Schedule: Denver Broncos Game by Game Predictions

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Denver Broncos Schedule and Predictions

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The schedule for the Denver Broncos was released on Thursday night and it features a lot of big games as well as a lot of games with interesting storylines. The most intriguing game might be the first one as the Broncos take on the Baltimore Ravens in a playoff rematch.

The Broncos were upset by the Ravens and their dreams of a Super Bowl ended on that bitterly cold night. As hard as that loss was at the time, it might be just the thing the Broncos need to finish the job in 2013. They are a talented team and now they have that little extra edge, something that will drive them all season. It will be a fantastic way for the Broncos and the NFL to kickoff the 2013 season.

Based on the results of last season, the Broncos face one of the easiest schedules in the league. But it is a mistake to look at that. A year ago everyone was saying that the Broncos would have a tough time going 9-7 because their schedule was so difficult.

However by the time the Broncos got to the sixth game of the season, the teams they were going to face in the second half of the season were all struggling. As the Broncos were winning 11 games in a row, some people were even questioning if the Broncos were really that good because they weren’t really playing anyone.

The point is simple; it’s nearly impossible to predict how good anyone is going to be or not be. There are always surprises and there are always disappointments. So when you hear everybody and their brother saying the Broncos have the easiest schedule in the league, take it with a grain of salt and remember it is based off of last season’s results.

When the schedule comes out as it did on Thursday, it is always fun to go down and pick each and every game. That’s hard enough in August, but we are going to do it even before the draft takes place.

Why wait for the games to be played? We are going to tell you how the Broncos are going to do, right now. As I went through the schedule, I really did pick the games as I saw them at this moment. The odds are the Broncos are going to lose one of the tight road games I have them winning, and they may drop one they shouldn’t. At this point though, it’s very hard to see the Broncos losing more than three games.

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Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos-September 5th

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There might not be a more anticipated opener in Broncos history. The players, the coaches and the fans will be sky high for this one. The Ravens will play well as they are the defending champions, but this is a tough spot. The Broncos want this one and they want to get their season off to a flying start.

The game will be close through the first half, but the Broncos new fast-paced offense will kick into high gear after the break. The Broncos get their season off to a fast start with a 10 point win over the Ravens. Broncos-30 Ravens-20. 1-0

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Denver Broncos at New York Giants-September 15th

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In all honesty, if the Broncos play the New York Giants almost at any other time, they probably would have been the pick. They get 10 days to prepare and the travel back to the east coast which is easier because they are not losing a day of preparation with the extra time. The game is also very early in the season making a trip that long a little easier. The Broncos are better than the Giants, and now the NFL has done them a huge favor with the schedule. Broncos go to 2-0 in a tight one, and Peyton gets the better of brother Eli Manning. Broncos-27 Giants-24. 2-0

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Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos-September 23rd

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The Oakland Raiders are possibly the worst team in the NFL and their defense might be even worse than that. If the Broncos punt in this game, it would be an upset. Look for backup quarterback, Brock Osweiler to get some playing time in the second half and the fact that Peyton Manning won’t play the whole game is probably the only reason the Broncos do not score 50. Broncos-42 Raiders-9

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Philadelphia Eagles at Denver Broncos-September 30th

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Two years ago, the Philadelphia Eagles were supposed to be the best team in the league. Now they are in re-building mode. Michael Vick can be dangerous, but the Eagles are no match for the Broncos in Denver. The offense has another big day, and the defense slows the Eagles offense. Broncos-36 Eagles-17. 4-0

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Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys-October 6th

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The Broncos suffer their first loss to the Dallas Cowboys in week number five. The Cowboys are not better than the Broncos, but they are capable of beating good teams, and the Broncos might be due for a bit of an off game. The Broncos don’t play well but find a way to stay in the game. In the end though, they come up just short. Cowboys-23 Broncos-20. 4-1

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Jacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos-October 13th

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The only thing the Jacksonville Jaguars will be fighting for in 2013 is the number one overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft. The Broncos will play a lot of their backups in the second half as the starters dominate the first half. Broncos-45 Jaguars-10. 5-1

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Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts-October 20th

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Manning returns to Indianapolis in what is sure to be an emotional game for both the Broncos' quarterback and the Indianapolis Colts’ fans. The game also features two great quarterbacks, one who is nearing the end and the other who is just getting started. Andrew Luck of the Colts has a great career in front of him, and this game could turn into a shootout. Both teams will score points, but the defense for the Broncos is better than the Colts and that’s the difference. The Broncos pull out a tight one and get a big road win. Broncos-30 Colts-27. 6-1

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Washington Redskins at Denver Broncos-October 27th

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Mike Shanahan brings his Washington Redskins to Denver as he returns for the first time since being fired following the 2008 season. Assuming Robert Griffin III is healthy, this one has a chance to be very entertaining. In an up and down game that is tight for three quarters, Manning throws two touchdown passes in the fourth and the defense forces a turnover. The Broncos win by 10 in a game that was closer than the final score. Broncos-34 Redskins-24. 7-1

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Bye Week-November 3rd

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Not only is the schedule itself favorable for the Broncos, the bye week could not come at a better time. It comes right in the middle of the season; the Broncos play eight games before the bye and eight games after it. If teams could pick where to put the bye week, this would be it.

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Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers-November 10th

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The San Diego Chargers play an inspired game for their head coach, Mike McCoy who is facing his former team. Phillip Rivers makes some plays in the first half, and the Chargers are in the game at the half, maybe even have a lead. However they are not good enough to stay with Manning and the Broncos who pull away in the second half. Broncos-34 Chargers-21. 8-1

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Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos-November 17th

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The Kansas City Chiefs are better, but they are nowhere near good enough to beat the Broncos in Denver. It won’t be 38-3 like it was last season, but it also won’t be close as the Broncos make a statement that they are still the best team in the AFC West. Broncos-35 Chiefs-17. 9-1

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Denver Broncos at New England Patriots-November 24th

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The Manning vs. Tom Brady rivalry will add yet another chapter in a big late season game. The game is likely to be dripping with playoff implications, namely home-field advantage in the playoffs. The game will be an instant classic with Manning and Brady matching each other score for score. In the end, the New England Patriots edge the Broncos. Patriots-27 Broncos-24. 9-2

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Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs-December 1st

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Kansas City is always a tough place to play and this season will be no different. The Chiefs are going to be vastly improved over the team that went 2-14 last season. However, despite their good offseason, a big gap remains between the two teams. The Chiefs will play extremely well, but they just are not ready to hang with the Broncos who pull away late. Broncos-30 Chiefs-20. 10-2

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Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos-December 8th

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The Tennessee Titans have a chance to be better than expected, but it won’t help them much versus the Broncos as they just don’t have the horses to keep up. The Broncos play sloppy through the first half but get it together and pull away in the third quarter. Manning throws for four scores and the Broncos roll late. Broncos-34 Titans-14. 11-2

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San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos-December 12th

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Former Broncos offensive coordinator, Mike McCoy brings his Chargers to town on a Thursday night in December and for one game he is going to wish he was still on the other sideline. Despite Eric Weddle’s proclamation that the Chargers are the best team in football, the Broncos will prove otherwise. The only thing working in the Chargers' favor a little is the short week, and the Broncos may not have a full game-plan which the will keep the score closer. Not that close though. Broncos-31 Chargers-16. 12-2

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Denver Broncos at Houston Texans-December 22nd

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The road game versus the Houston Texans comes at the end of the season and could very well be for a first-round bye, or even home-field advantage. We saw last season that when the chips were down, Matt Schaub and the Texans struggled. Yes it is a road game, but it is indoors on a fast track, the perfect environment for the Broncos' offense. Manning and the Broncos tune up for the playoffs with an impressive road win. Broncos-31 Texans-23. 13-2

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Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders-December 29th

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It might be a road game, but the Broncos make themselves feel right at home in Oakland. The Broncos will be looking to tune up for the playoffs, and the Raiders will be looking to end the season. The only thing that might keep this game somewhat close is the fact that the Broncos might have everything wrapped up. Von Miller and the defense dominate a bad Raiders offense, and the Broncos cruise to an easy road win. Broncos-31 Raiders-7. 14-2

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Final Prediction

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If you haven’t been keeping track, I have the Broncos going 14-2. I did not anticipate it working out that way but it did. The odds say that 12-4 or 13-3 is more likely but one thing is true, the Broncos will be in the hunt for home-field advantage. Any fewer than 12 wins would have to be considered a disappointment.

Is it September yet?

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