Analyzing the Cleveland Browns 2013 NFL Schedule

By Scott DelleFave
Rob Chudzinski
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Week 1: versus Miami Dolphins

Week 2: at Baltimore Ravens

Week 3: at Minnesota Vikings

Week 4: versus Cincinnati Bengals

Week 5: versus Buffalo Bills *

Week 6: versus Detroit Lions

Week 7: at Green Bay Packers

Week 8: at Kansas City Chiefs

Week 9: versus Baltimore Ravens

Week 10: Bye Week

Week 11: at Cincinnati Bengals

Week 12: versus Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 13: versus Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 14: at New England Patriots

Week 15: versus Chicago Bears

Week 16: at New York Jets

Week 17: at Pittsburgh Steelers

* = Thursday Night Football Home Game on NFL Network

Wow, that’s about all can be said about this schedule. This schedule for the Cleveland Browns for the 2013-14 season is just downright brutal from start to end.  They also get tested early and often with the new look Miami Dolphins and then go on the road to the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens and then go to the twin cities and have the Adrian Peterson experience happen to them. They also have three straight home games, including a Thursday Night prime time game against the Bills. If the management in Cleveland were smart, they would draft as many run stoppers as they can.

Anyone who has been to Cleveland Browns Stadium knows how it is right on Lake Erie and the weather can be unpredictable some Sundays, especially when it gets later in the year. For that reason, much like the Buffalo Bills, it seems that the NFL is trying to control as many bad weather games as possible until the playoffs and so they only have two home games in December as well. If the old Latin saying “Ad astra per aspera” or “A rough road leads to the stars” were ever true about a pro football team, it would be about this year’s Browns.

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