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New York Jets Fans Pick 6 Moves To Right the Ship

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I had the opportunity to go to an online forum with a few loyal and highly knowledgeable New York Jets fans. All year round these guys come together on a daily basis to discuss and debate the state of their beloved franchise. They know their history long term and short. They get the X's, O's and all the many nuances in between. Not only for their team. But they know the NCAA level as well as the rest of the NFL.

In talking with these fans, I do get the sense that they all agree that a roster overhaul is definitely appropriate. In recent years, the organization built itself in “win now” fashion. They focused on expensive and accomplished veterans on both sides of the ball. Over that time, the team drafted pretty well, (with a few Vernon Gholston type hiccups), but the team was more veteran heavy than anything else.

Now, it seems that their “win now” window has closed, and a new window needs to be opened. Contracts need to be dumped. Players have passed their primes and an infusion of fresh talent is needed. So, I started a conversation of my own about the team. I was aware of the current situation. I wanted to know what they would do if bringing about a change was left up to them. What would they do to set the ball rolling on the path to relevancy? I got some pretty good answers. They where very doable. Here's the 6 moves that they thought would get them started.

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Darrell Revis

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The first thing everyone agreed on was the potential trade of Darrell Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Repors state that the Bucs have put their 2013 1st, 3rd and 5th round picks on the table in exchange for a chance to get the elite CB. Rockice_8, jpt331 and rdelaney89 all gave a collective "where do we sign" to that possibility. One thing that puts an overhaul in motion is the ability to collect draft picks. That's exactly what the Revis trade does for the Jets. An elite player loses value on a team with so many holes.

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Dion Jordan

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One thing that would go along way towards keeping games close and scores respectable during the transitional years the Jets have ahead of them, is a pass rush. They all agree that's a need. The Jets under head coach/defensive mastermind Rex Ryan still run a 3-4 style and picking 9th in the draft, the team has a good shot at Oregan's OLB Dion Jordan. Jet's fans agree on the obvious fit here, and a bonus to a defense that ranked 6th in the league when measured by yards allowed per game.

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Jonathan Cyprien

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You know what else can really set things in motion defensively? A hard hitting strong safety. You can't have an honest conversation about that position in this year's draft without having the name Jonathan Cyprien come up several times. He solidified his rumored value at the senior bowl and Jets fans know this. He would be a welcome addition in the meadowlands. Jets fans believe they won't miss a beat if Cyprien is there to replace Laron Landry who signed with the Indianapolis Colts as a free agent.

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Chance Warmack

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Jets fans can all agree on three gifts they can give to their much maligned QB, Mark Sanchez. Gift No. 1 is a running game with a side order of pass protection. That sounds like Alabama guard Chance Warmack to me. And since Warmack is the best power blocking guard in the draft, it sounds like that to Jets fans as well. I will add that the gifts are given to Sanchez despite the fact that the team believes another QB will be drafted in this or next year's draft. They will be somebody's gifts.

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Zach Ertz

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Gift No. 2 can be considered any QBs best friend. And that's the TE. Jets fans in their forum all agree that they can be happy with Stanford's Zach Ertz for years to come. An obvious need was created when their former TE Dustin Keller signed a one-year deal with the Miami Dolphins.

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Da'Rick Rogers

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WR Santanio Homes will most likely play his final season as a Jet in the 2013 season. Coming off of a Lisfranc injury to his left foot, projecting his performance level for the upcoming season is a challenge. Hence gift to the QB No. 3. Jets would be quite happy to select potential No. 1 WR in Da'Rick Rogers in next week's draft. He was a selection in a team mock composed by Rockice_8. Likely to be selected in middle rounds, Rogers would have been an easy first round pick if it wasn't for off the field incidents. However, if anybody can forgive an elite athlete for off the field issues, it's head coach Rex Ryan.