Oakland Raiders 2013 Schedule: Team's Losing Ways Will Likely Continue

By Andrew Fisher
Jeremy Brevard-USA Today Sports

The Oakland Raiders will once again head into the 2013 season with little-to-no expectations. The franchise has been in a rut for a decade now, and with the release of the new regular season schedule, it appears that trend will likely continue.

Here’s a look at the Raiders’ 2013 slate of games:

Week 1 – @ Indianapolis Colts

Week 2 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 3 – @ Denver Broncos (MNF)

Week 4 – Washington Redskins

Week 5 – San Diego Chargers

Week 6 – @ Kansas City Chiefs

Week 7 – BYE

Week 8 – Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 9 – Philadelphia Eagles

Week 10 – @ New York Giants

Week 11 – @ Houston Texans

Week 12 – Tennessee Titans

Week 13 – @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 14 – @ New York Jets

Week 15 – Kansas City Chiefs

Week 16 – @ San Diego Chargers

Week 17 – Denver Broncos

Now clearly, it’s way too early to make any predictions for the upcoming season, but just by glancing at the schedule, it’s clear the Raiders’ will have their work cut out for them. While the AFC West isn’t exactly stacked, there are still no easy games. The Chiefs figure to be much improved, and any clashes with the Broncos and Chargers will be difficult.

Oakland also drew four average-to-good opponents from the NFC, but avoided any of the top-tier teams. The best thing they have going for them – they play in the AFC. That’s the only thing giving the Raiders a chance in 2013. I don’t mean a chance at the playoffs, either. I mean a chance at respectability.

Just being realistic, if Oakland can earn five victories in 2013, I think that’s at least a step in the right direction.


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