Rex Ryan Driving New York Jets Further and Further Into the Ground

By Devin O'Barr
Rex Ryan stands at podium
Jim O’Connor – USA TODAY Sports

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times: How in the world does Rex Ryan still have a job as a head coach of an NFL team? His latest comments regarding the Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens have put him in a new category of moronic. Instead of worrying about his 6-10 club and preparing for the NFL Draft, Ryan insists on asserting his ignorance on anyone who will listen, which is no one.

The Ravens were supposed to open the season at home on a Thursday Night game, however due to scheduling conflicts with the Orioles, the game has been pushed to Mile High where the Denver Broncos await the Ravens. No big deal, the Ravens can just come home the next week and face the Cleveland Browns in the home opener right? Nope, Ryan apparently has an issue with the supposed dominance that the MLB has over the NFL.

It’s crazy to think that Ryan is involving himself in something that does not remotely need his input. Considering the New York Jets have one of the worst quarterbacks in the league and have several needs in the NFL draft, I would expect a halfway decent head coach to be preoccupied with something else. In the last four years that Ryan has been in charge of the Jets, the organization is 34-30 in the regular season.

If the Jets hope to be above .500 for the first time three years, then they should get a head coach who focuses on his defensive scheme more than what a baseball team miles away is going to do in the middle of September.

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