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Denver Broncos 2013 NFL Mock Draft, Week 7: 7 Rounds

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Denver Broncos Mock Draft: Take Seven

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We’ve arrived at our final mock draft for the Denver Broncos, and the real one is now less than a week away. If I get one player right, I would be very happy with myself. Even though I may not get the players right, I’m certain on the positions that the Broncos will look to add through the draft.

The other thing that I am almost certain of is the idea that the Broncos will trade out of the first round. It just makes too much sense; they can get the same caliber of player in the top half of the second round as they can at number 28. In trading back, the Broncos can also add another pick later in the draft. For a team with only six picks, adding an additional pick is attractive. The belief here is that the Broncos will trade their first-round pick for a second and a fifth in this year’s draft.

The Broncos are one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t mean they do not need some help through the draft. As we’ve been talking about for six weeks now, the Broncos will be looking for help at defensive end, running back and cornerback in the first three rounds.

As you watch the draft, remember what we have talked about in terms of value. The Broncos want to address each of the needs listed above but the order depends on how the draft falls. If cornerbacks start to come off the board in the first round, then the Broncos probably use their first picks to grab one.

It’s been fun trying to predict what the Broncos are going to do and I hope I have given you some insight. Enjoy the draft and Rant Sports will have you covered before, during and after the draft.

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Second Round — Pick One — Cornellius Carradine — Defensive End — Florida State

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Cornellius Carradine has been the pick here for the past few weeks, and it would be great value for the Broncos at the top of the second round. Carradine is a top-10 talent who has only slipped due to an ACL injury.

The injury has healed by all accounts, and Carradine fits everything the Broncos are looking for. He can rush the quarterback from the defensive end spot, and is decent versus the run.

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Second Round — Second Pick — Jonathan Jenkins — Defensive Tackle — Georgia

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Defensive tackle was not one of the top three needs we identified with the Broncos but Jonathan Jenkins represents too good of value to pass up at this spot. There’s a chance he could be gone but most experts believe he will go somewhere around the Broncos pick in the late second round.

Jenkins is a big defensive tackle who would step right in and play in the rotation for defensive coordinator, Jack Del Rio. He has the ability to push the pocket which the Broncos desperately need, and is also good versus the run. Jenkins and Carradine together would provide the Broncos with two very good defensive lineman who could anchor the front seven for years to come.

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Third Round — B.W. Webb — Cornerback — William & Mary

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B.W. Webb is the ideal cornerback for the Broncos. He can play man-to-man or in zone, shows good cover ability and great hands when making a play on the ball. Webb also shows up in the running game and is not afraid to stick his head in to make a tackle.

In addition, Webb has good recovery speed and shows quick reaction to the screen pass. He is a little smaller then the bigger cornerbacks that most teams like today but he has every skill the coaches want out of the position.

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Fourth Round — Le'Veon Bell — Running Back — Michigan State

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Le’Veon Bell is the big back the Broncos are looking for. He runs downhill and is excellent in short yardage situations. Bell pushes the pile and is very good around the goal-line. Since last season ended, we’ve been talking about how badly the Broncos need a bigger back that can pick up 3rd and shorts. Bell is that guy, and he is a decent receiver out of the backfield.

For a couple of weeks now, we’ve focused on Eddie Lacy as the back for the Broncos, but his stock is really falling. Bell is a better fit for the Broncos and provides much better value in the fourth round.

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Fifth Round — Pick One — Zac Dysert — Quarterback — Miami of Ohio

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This one will probably surprise some, but there are a lot of smart people who believe that you should take a quarterback every year in the draft because the position is that important. Zac Dysert is a quarterback the Broncos like and would likely select if they had an extra pick in the fifth round.

Dysert has all of the tools to be a good quarterback in the NFL including size, arm strength, accuracy and agility. His skills are raw but with the right coaching, Dysert could be a starter in the league. If the Broncos do select Dysert or another quarterback, it is not because they don’t like Brock Osweiler. In fact, they like Osweiler even more now than when they drafted him.

As of now, the Broncos only have two quarterbacks on the roster and four are needed for training camp, therefore adding one late in the draft does make some sense.

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Fifth Round — Pick Two — Reid Fragel — Left Tackle — Ohio State

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Reid Fragel is another player we’ve been on for a couple of weeks now, and there’s no reason to back off of that pick now. Fragel makes sense for many reasons including depth and future insurance.

Fragel would provide much needed depth behind Ryan Clady and Orlando Franklin, but he would also provide insurance if the Broncos are unable to work out a deal with Clady.

Fragel has long arms, good feet and all of the tools needed to be a solid left tackle in the NFL. He just needs time to develop and he would get that time with the Broncos.

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Seventh Round — T.J. Moe — Wide Receiver — Missouri

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T.J. Moe was the seventh round selection last week and remains in that position in our last mock draft. Let’s assume that the Broncos get long-term deals done with both Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker, they would need to replace Wes Welker in a couple of years. Moe would fit nicely into the offense when Welker leaves.

He’s not a burner, but he knows how to get open, knows how to find the soft spots in zones and is an excellent route runner. The slot receiver has been a specialized position in the pass-happy NFL, and Moe fits the bill perfectly.

Well that’s it; we’ve given you a lot of names and positions over the past seven weeks. Once the Broncos make their actual selections, then we can break down who they picked any why. Stay with Rant Sports for all of your draft coverage.

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