Madden 25 Cover: Minnesota Vikings' Fans Won't Mind if Barry Sanders Wins

By Andrew Fisher
USA Today Sports

The Madden football game is a big part of NFL culture these days. Year in and year out, EA Sports comes through with a fantastic production that appeals to football fans across the country. Believe it or not, this year will mark the 25th anniversary of the game, and with it, comes a special vote to determine who will be on the cover.

Now we all know about the supposed ‘Madden curse,’ which usually leads to an injury for the athlete on the cover. I’m not incredibly superstitious, but you can’t deny that players on the cover, generally don’t perform well the following season. In all likelihood, this is a mere coincidence, but many fans don’t see it that way.

So it begs the question –  are some Minnesota Vikings fans hoping Barry Sanders defeats Adrian Peterson in the final voting?

While I’m sure that some fans are hoping, and voting that way, it really doesn’t matter. If AP makes the cover, it will be a cool thing. Being on the Madden 25 cover is an honor, and something AP would embrace, and at the same time, laugh at the idea that he would be cursed.

Sanders was the second player ever to be featured on a Madden cover back in 1999 (Madden 2000), but then he abruptly retired.

Madden 25 is a celebration of the greatest game franchise of all-time, so the series really can’t go wrong with whoever is eventually selected to grace the cover. Both players are legends, and both could equally reflect the game’s status.


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