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Seattle Seahawks: 2013 NFL Season Predictions

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2013 Regular Season Predictions

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It’s January of 2011, the defending champion New Orleans Saints are rolling into Seattle in what was thought to be an easy victory against unproven NFL Coach Pete Carrol and the Seattle Seahawks. Three and a half quarters later, running back Marshawn Lynch breaks out a tackle-breaking run that earned him the nickname “Beast Mode.”

Fast forward two years, and the Seahawks—once 7-9—are serious contenders in what is arguably the best division in the NFL. The famous 2010 playoff upset can be seen as a prelude to the team that emerged in 2012.

Behind the play of 2012 rookie sensation Russell Wilson, the Seahawks upset the New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers and—controversially—the Green Bay Packers in 2012. The clutch heroics of Wilson and the stifling play of the newly emerged Legion of Boom rocketed Seattle to the top of pundit’s power rankings.

Going into 2013, Seattle is coming off a defeat to the Atlanta Falcons—a disappointing end to a promising season. However, some high profile offseason acquisitions and fierce determination from Wilson and company will see them rise to the top of the NFC.

Facing a relatively easy first half of the season, Seattle should be a hot topic in 2013—a scenario that can be compared to the first portion of the Saints’ 2009 season. Armed with an intimidating defense, Percy Harvin and one of the hottest young quarterbacks in the NFL, the Seahawks look poised to take the league by storm in 2013.

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Week 1: at the Carolina Panthers

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Result: Seahawks win: 38-13

The Carolina Panthers—a team with a good linebacking corps—have a generally underwhelming defense. Moreover, QB Cam Newton has been known to get visibly frustrated when games get out of hand. These two things will form a perfect storm in what should be a blowout victory for the Seahawks. The media has been covering Seattle all offseason, they should be feeling maximal amounts of adrenaline in the season opener.

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Week 2: vs. the San Francisco 49ers

Steven Bislg- USA TODAY Sports

Result: Seahawks win: 17-14

This will be the first game where both teams will test the fruits of their offseason arms race. In this grudge match, Seattle is given the home-field edge. Young quarterbacks Wilson and Colin Kaepernick will be stifled by two overwhelming defenses. In this case, the 12th man of Seattle—the fans—and the Seahawks punishing secondary will squeeze out a win in this new-decade matchup that will be reminiscent of the 2000’s Baltimore Ravens against Pittsburgh Steelers games.

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Week 3: at the Jacksonville Jaguars

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Result: Seahawks win: 52-6

Remember when the Seahawks went on that streak where they scored over 50 points and allowed under 10? Well, the Jacksonville Jaguars are a team that looks as though they have little direction. Gus Bradley, the Seahawks former defensive coordinator, may be leading the Jaguars into battle, but the Seahawks talent-loaded roster will engulf the Jaguars.

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Week 4: at the Houston Texans

Mark L. Baer- USA TODAY Sports

Result: Seahawks win: 24-21

Like their Week 2 matchup against the Niners, the Seahawks will be entrenched in a matchup that pits two stellar defenses against each other. However, the Houston Texans defense is not as fierce as the Niners—even with the addition of Ed Reed. Hence, the Seahawks will manage to score a fair amount of points in a matchup that will come down to Matt Schaub’s general documented inability to perform when it matters.

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Week 5: at the Indianapolis Colts

Mitch Stringer- USA TODAY Sports

Result: Seahawks win: 45- 13

Many people are hoping for a duel between two quarterbacks from the 2012 draft class—a group of quarterbacks that will rival the quality of the 1983 class. However, the difference will be the quarterback Andrew Luck playing against a defense that is completely different from the defense that Russell Wilson is playing. In the end, the ‘Hawks defense will smother the Indianapolis Colts’ offense—it will be a tough day for Luck.

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Week 6: vs. the Tennessee Titans

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Result: Seahawks win: 31- 21

The Tennessee Titans are a team that can be explosive on offense if their troubled receiver, Kenny Britt, manages to collect himself in the wake of his many off-the-field woes. If Britt plays in this game, then the Titans may be able to score a good amount of points against Seattle’s defense. That being said, the Seahawks offense, now with Harvin, will be one that is difficult to contain.

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Week 7: at the Arizona Cardinals

Steven Bislg- USA TODAY Sports

Result: Seahawks win: 19-14

Both teams—regardless of the Arizona Cardinals’ abysmal 2012 season—have quality defenses. Plus, their division rivalry will guarantee that both defenses play well. But, Carson Palmer is in the twilight of his career, and his production has steadily declined since his late days with the Cincinnati Bengals. The Seahawks will manage a narrow victory against a team that many are predicting to be a surprise 2013 squad.

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Week 8: at the St Louis Rams

Joe Toth- USA TODAY Sports

Result: Seahawks win: 28-16

St Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford may have reliable blindside protection in left tackle Jake Long, but Seattle has more pass rushing weapons than one person can protect. Expect Bradford to feel the full force of Seattle’s hard-hitting defense. Moreover, the ‘Hawks secondary will over match the Rams pedestrian talent at wide receiver.

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense will benefit from a nearly immobile Rams offense.

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Week 9: vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Result: Seahawks win: 26-20

If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers end up completing the drawn-out trade for Darrelle Revis, then this game will likely be a defensive slugfest where two of the league’s finest secondaries duke it out. The Revis trade is, at this point, unlikely to happen. What the Seahawks and the Bucs both have in common is their stellar talent at the wide receiver position. The reunion of Harvin and Sidney Rice will make an explosive duo in 2013.

Likewise, Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson will continue to be excellent targets for Josh Freeman. But, Freeman’s development hasn’t been as rapid as Wilson’s. Wilson, who competed in the playoffs his rookie year, will out-duel Freeman.

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Week 10: at the Atlanta Falcons

Daniel Shirey- USA TODAY Sports

Result: Seahawks win: 31-28

Déjà vu? Well, sort of. The Seahawks would have successfully capped a legendary comeback effort in the NFC Divisional Round had it not been for Pete Carroll’s poorly timed icing of the kicker. The Seahawks will come into this matchup seeking revenge—a vendetta that will be fulfilled.

That being said, the Atlanta Falcons wideouts will give the ‘Hawks secondary all that it can handle. Julio Jones and Roddy White scorched Richard Sherman and company in the Divisional Round; they will do it once again in well fought—albeit losing—effort against the streaking Seahawks.

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Week 11: vs. the Minnesota Vikings

Steven Bislg- USA TODAY Sports

Result: Seahawks win: 20- 13

It will be a ground and pound matchup—one that will pit Marshawn Lynch against Adrian Peterson. These two physical backs will fiercely pound out yardage in a matchup that will ultimately favor the Seahawks. The difference will be the presence of three former Minnesota Vikings on Seattle’s roster: Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin and Antoine Winfield.

Winfield’s veteran savvy and Harvin’s explosiveness—along with their knowledge of the Vikings—will assist them in their victorious effort. Moreover, Christian Ponder, while he has stout protection in Matt Kalil, will be overwhelmed by Seattle’s defense.

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Week 12: Bye

John David Mercer- USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks’ late season bye will be on the tail end of a winning streak that leaves their loss column empty. Roaring into 2013, they will take this week to get healthy and prepare for a daunting Saints squad.

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Week 13: vs. the New Orleans Saints

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Result: Seahawks lose: 35- 23

Drew Brees is renowned as one of the most tenacious competitors in the NFL—evidenced by him leading the Saints’ offense with maximum intensity even when games are out of reach. The Saints, who were disrespected in 2012 in the wake of bounty gate, will seek to make an impression by dismantling one of the league’s finest defenses.

The Seahawks, coming off a blazing winning streak, will enter this game with a lessened sense of intensity. This will result in a Saints victory that will end with the members of the 1972 Miami Dolphins gathering for a champagne toast.

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Week 14: at the San Francisco 49ers

Steven Bislg-USA TODAY Sports

Result: Seahawks lose: 24-17

The Niners- Seahawks rivalry has been thoroughly documented this offseason. The Niners, now benefiting from the support of a home crowd, will manage a victory this time around. Expect Colin Kaepernick and Wilson to duel it out as both teams push for a number one seed in the NFC. Most likely, this game will decide who claims the resurgent NFC West.

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Week 15: at the New York Giants

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Result: Seahawks win: 20-9

The Seahawks will be coming off the tail end of a two-game losing streak. They will enter a matchup with the New York Giants that will see them contain the G-Men to a mere three field goals—a performance to silence the pundits who claim that the Seahawks defense was overhyped.

Likewise, Harvin and Rice will beat the Giants weak cornerback roster. Wilson will perform efficiently in this statement win for Seattle.

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Week 16: vs. the Arizona Cardinals

Steven Bislg- USA TODAY Sports

Result: Seahawks win: 49-13

The Seahawks played their best football late in 2012. That trend will continue with a rout of their NFC West rival—the Cardinals. A win here will assist in making up for the previous loss against the 49ers. With any luck, a victory against the Cardinals will help equalize the division once more.

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Week 17: at the St Louis Rams

Joe Nicholson- USA TODAY Sports

Result: Seahawks win: 21-16

This is a game that will be interesting. If the Seahawks find themselves in a comfortable lead in the NFC West, then they may opt to rest their starters in preparation for the playoffs. That coupled with the Rams possibly pushing for a playoff spot could result in a St. Louis victory. However, this is written under the assumption that the Seahawks will play their starters. This will result in a victory for the Seahawks, and the defeat of a rising Rams roster.

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Some Final Thoughts

Kirby Lee- USA TODAY Sports

14-2 does seem like high praise, but the Seahawks looked exceptional toward the end of the 2012 season. Carroll and the Seahawks brass will continue to upgrade the roster via the Draft. Their eccentric yet effective draft strategy saw three effective starters—including Russell Wilson—added to the roster in the first three rounds of the 2012 Draft. Moreover, additions of Harvin and Winfield add speed and veteran prowess, respectively.

The Seahawks might represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. If Wilson’s development continues to be as rapid as it was in 2012, then the Seahawks are a team that no team will want to face in 2013.