2013 NFL Draft: Should Washington Redskins Look at Safeties or Wide Receivers With First Pick?

By Michael Collins


The Washington Redskins don’t have a draft pick this season until the second round (No. 51 overall), and there are two target positions the Redskins could have when that pick rolls around. Finding a starting free safety is a big concern for Washington, but they could use some help at wide receiver as well.

The first 50 picks of the draft could end up unraveling the Redskins plans to get a safety, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get a quality free safety in that part of the second round. The question is, which way should the Redskins lean?

Other than Reed Doughty, the other three free safeties on the Redskins’ roster are fairly inexperienced, and any of them could still grow into a quality starter. DeJon Gomes might end up being a nice surprise for Washington this season, having only eight starts in 30 games played over two seasons. It might be time to let Gomes take over as a starter during training camp and preseason, and see what the youngster can do with extended playing time.

The Redskins have a ton of money invested in Robert Griffin III (who may not even be ready to go at the start of the season), and backup Kirk Cousins. What they need is some support catching the ball other than TE Fred Davis the oft injured WR Pierre Garçon.

With the importance placed on building the passing attack, and the likelihood that RG3 will miss at least a portion of the season, then it would seem to make more sense for the Redskins to pick another wide receiver to lend further support to both Cousins and Griffin when he returns.

The wide receiver position is fairly deep in the 2013 draft, and with most of the early picks seemingly going towards offensive and defensive linemen, the chances are that the Redskins could land what would normally be considered a high to mid-first round wide receiver with that number 51 pick.

Dynamic receivers like Robert Woods (USC), Keenan Allen (California), and DeAndre Hopkins (Clemson) may still very well be around when the Redskins turn comes up, and it would be unwise of them to pass up on any of those names in favor of a safety who may or may not be of starting quality.


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