Chicago Bears must avoid Terrell Owens like the plague

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Terrell Owens
Byron Hetzler-USA TODAY Sports

With new head coach Marc Trestman at the helm, the Chicago Bears are on the verge of a 2013 campaign that could mean big things for the franchise. Before they can start thinking Super Bowl, though, the Bears need a considerable upgrade at the wide receiver spot.

One of the most (in)famous pass-catchers in NFL history, Terrell Owens, has shown interest in joining the Bears. If Trestman knows what’s best for his team, he’ll avoid that situation at all costs.

Owens is looking to join the Bears because of his relationship with Trestman, who coached him during his prime years with the San Francisco 49ers. The two have a strong player-coach connection, which, along with their need for wide receiver help, makes the Bears a logical landing spot for the troublesome veteran.

Still, there’s nothing that Owens can bring to the Bears that is worth the risk of his adding his volatile ego to the mix.

Last season, Owens landed a shot at a roster spot with the Seattle Seahawks. In his short stint with the team, he dropped a perfect deep ball and was an extremely ineffective part of the Seattle offense. It wasn’t long before the Seahawks had already given him his pink slips, ending any hopes he had of playing in 2012. Basically, he hasn’t seen any significant snaps in two seasons.

Owen’s age and inability to be the consistent threat he once was aren’t the biggest issues, though.

The Bears already have a questionable offensive leader in quarterback Jay Cutler, who is far from the coach on the field that teams want in their franchise passer. Getting the offense into a situation where Owens gets frustrated because Cutler isn’t getting him the ball would put all of the promise the Bears are showing this season at risk.

Chemistry would be an immediate victim of Owen’s presence. Wherever Owens is, he demands attention at every turn. When the cameras and recorders are on, he finds ways to say things that can crumble a locker room and create the type of tension that NFL teams can’t control. Especially with Brian Urlacher no longer in the picture, the Bears would be asking for trouble by signing Owens.

With so much riding on the 2013 season for the Bears, there’s no need for an Owens-type of desperation move. Address the need via the draft and ignore the PR disaster that is T.O.

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