Darrelle Revis's New York Jets Tenure Marred by Egomaniacal Handlers Ruining His Reputation

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After months of speculation, it appears the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now working out the final details of a pre-draft trade that would send All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis to the Bucs for draft picks.

Yes, after months of this rumored deal being described as “imminent,” it looks like we’ll finally have resolution to the latest Revis saga possibly as soon as Sunday evening or Monday morning, pending a Tampa Bay physical.

I had always hoped to see Revis in a Jets uniform for his entire career, but that won’t happen now. Unfortunately, Revis did not want that. His agents didn’t want that. His manager didn’t want that. Now, he’s starting over.

It’s a shame, really. Revis’s own representatives are the primary culprits of ruining Revis’s relationship with the team that drafted him, supported him and stuck by him through all the hogwash that was mostly self-inflicted.

Never again will the Jets have to deal with the meddling, posturing, and downright slander from “Team Revis.”

Agents Neil Schwartz and Jonathan Feinsold should be embarrassed with themselves for the way they not-so-transparently leaked confidential details about this deal to try to slander the Jets all throughout this process.

The media is the real circus. The “Team Revis” posse is a bad joke. They turned a superstar player into an absolute clown, and that won’t change with a fat new contract that they’ll surely be whining about in due time.

Goodbye and good riddance to “Team Revis,” who somehow made Dwight Howard‘s departure from the Orlando Magic look like public relations wizardry compared to Revis’s ugly departure from the Jets this spring.

Jets rookie general manger John Idzik played this Revis saga perfectly, not succumbing to the outside pressure of lunatic media members who used “Team Revis” slander to push their anti-Jets agendas on a near-daily basis.

Now, that’s a problem for the Buccaneers to handle. It’s a calculated risk for an NFC South team that has to play Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Cam Newton twice a year, even if Revis never regains his 2009 level of play.

Revis is already the highest paid cornerback in NFL history, and if the Bucs give him a new deal worth $14-16 million per year, he’d be making more than any player in the league, relative to others at their position.

I would’ve loved to see Revis in Green and White forever. But it’s never black-and-white in the NFL. John Idzik was brought here to make the tough decisions, the ones that shape the future direction of the team.

We don’t know what the compensation is yet, but kudos to Idzik for trying to make the team better any way he can, without getting bullied by egomaniacs like Revis’s handlers. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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