Does the Darrelle Revis Trade Affect the Denver Broncos?

By Joe Morrone

The trade that sent Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday has an impact on what the Denver Broncos may do in the upcoming NFL Draft.

We’ve been talking in our mock drafts about the Broncos top three needs being defensive tackle, running back and cornerback in no particular order. We’ve also been talking about value and finding that value in every round, and for the last couple of weeks the best value in the first round has been at defensive end. The Revis trade to the Buccaneers may have changed that.

The Buccaneers were one of the teams drafting before the Broncos that were possibly looking at a cornerback in the first-round. But with the acquisition of Revis, they no longer are in need of a cornerback. They also don’t own a first round pick, having traded it to the New York Jets. What does that mean for the Broncos?

It means that a couple of cornerbacks they were probably going to be gone might fall to the Broncos. Both Desmond Trufant and Xavier Rhodes might very well be on the board when the Broncos pick at number 28. That might change how John Elway and the Broncos view that first pick in terms of value.

From my perspective, if the Broncos decide to go cornerback in the first round then it has to be Trufant. Rhodes is a decent player, but Trufant has a chance to be a special player. There are some scouts who believe Trufant is the second best cornerback in the draft, and getting him at the end of the first round would be incredible value.

Trufant is excellent in man-to-man coverage, has great recovery speed and is willing to make tackles in the running game. He would also fill the need that the Broncos are looking for to round out the position. His addition would give the Broncos six quality cornerbacks heading into training camp, but more importantly Trufant would be a player the Broncos could build around in the future. Elway is constantly talking about having the ability to stop the spread offenses of the NFL, and the best way to do that is with cornerbacks who can cover. Trufant fits that description perfectly.

The Revis trade means little to the Broncos on the field since he is now in the NFC, but the trade might impact what the team does this Thursday. It just goes to show you that every move in the NFL impacts every other team in one way or another.

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