New York Jets Secondary Must Step Up

By Stephen Conway

With the recent trade of Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there has been much speculation as to how the New York Jets hold up in the secondary. It will be tough, and it could be done, but it all depends on if the rest of the guys step up.

With the absence of Revis as the number one cornerback on the defense, it is pretty known that corner Antonio Cromartie will take over that number one slot. Cromartie did an excellent job last year filling in Revis’ shoes, actually earning an Pro-Bowl spot and he can definitely do it again.

Now, once you get passed Cromartie on the depth chart, this is where it gets concerning. Kyle Wilson hasn’t really shown he is a legitimate cornerback in this league. He doesn’t play consistent enough for fans to generally “like” him. Wilson often commits a lot of penalties in crucial situations, which is alarming. This will be a big year to see if Wilson will be able to step up and be the player that many people thought he would be.

Antonio Allen and Josh Bush are two players that didn’t see much of the field last year, but will be seeing a lot of it this year. Both are safeties that the Jets drafted last year, and they will definitely have to step up to help this secondary this year.

Also, now that the Jets have two first round picks–with the loss of Revis–maybe the Jets try to pick up a corner. It is still too early to look into it, as the trade just was finalized a few hours ago, but it is a definite possibility. Whatever the case may be, if the Jets want to have any success this season, the secondary needs to step up big time.

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