2013 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills Must Trade Down to Take QB Ryan Nassib

By Andrew Fisher
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As we sit just days away from the 2013 NFL Draft, rumors are flying around like no other. These last couple days of speculation are something else, but still, entertaining. One of the bigger pieces of buzz, surrounds the Buffalo Bills and their No. 8 pick. The Bills are rumored to be targeting quarterback Ryan Nassib out of Syracuse, who played for new Buffalo head coach, Doug Marrone. It’s believed that if indeed Nassib is the team’s target, that they will also try to trade down.

If Nassib is the guy, the Bills have to trade down. There’s no way they can take him at No. 8. Maybe he is the hidden gem of the draft, it’s very possible, but you can’t overpay for him. Nassib is considered by most a second round pick, and much of the speculation was whether a team in the second round, should move up to get him late in the first round.

Most casual football fans probably aren’t that familiar with Nassib. Syracuse isn’t exactly a national powerhouse, but they’re a program that’s made improvements in recent years, and thus why Buffalo hired their head coach. Nassib was a big part of the Orange’s success, and broke numerous school passing records in his career. One of his bigger endorsementss, is that Jon Gruden has him ranked as the top QB in this year’s class.

Nassib makes more sense for the Bills than Matt Barkley, and most any other QB in the draft, but they can’t reach too far for him. Trading down is mandatory if the Bills are set on taking him. They’ve already paid a lot of money to Kevin Kolb, which now seems like a very questionable move, so they can’t afford to overpay for another QB.

There are always hidden talents in every draft, and the new favorite to be one in 2013, is no doubt Ryan Nassib. It will be interesting to see if indeed the Bills do trade down, and what kind of plan they have in place, if they’re sold on Nassib being their QB of the future.


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