New York Jets: Enough Darrelle Revis Talk

By alfredepps

As you may have heard, a certain former New York Jets star corner back by the name of Darrelle Revis has been traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It’s been a day and a half already, and I am sick and tired of hearing how devastated people are that he is gone. Its gotten to the point that even radio station Hot97 DJ Mister Cee is sad with all his Revis Instagram pictures. He’s gone and as soon as the Jets organization and the fans realize that, they can move on.

The Jets have the NFL draft coming up this week and need to address several needs, and Revis is not one of them. This relationship was doomed from the start when he first got drafted and the Jets gave up their first-round pick (25th), along with their second and fifth-round picks to the Carolina Panthers in order to draft him. He was pricey then, and he’s pricey now.

New York is the place where money can be made, but not on Revis’s level or for his position. In my opinion, all Revis Jets jerseys need to be stopped from being worn and being bought inside Metlife Stadium. Revis came off as an individual who was never gonna be satisfied with money. He is now with the Buccaneers with no guaranteed money, but can make possibly up to $16 million this season if he stays healthy.

Good luck to him and his new island.


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