Rolando McClain Arrested Once Again Despite Chance For A Fresh Start With Baltimore Ravens

By Jeff Everette
Rolando McClain-Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports
Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

News came out Sunday night that of the Baltimore Ravens’ newest defensive players had been arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The new Raven in handcuffs was none other than Rolando McClain, making this his third arrest of his three-year NFL career, and the second arrest of 2013.

All three arrests came in his home town of Decatur., Alabama, and came about when McClain and the large group of people he was with refused to leave a park when the police tried to remove them. According to WHNT-TV, the linebacker cussed at the officers, creating a scene and was eventually arrested, booked and was later released on bond.

The arrests in his hometown are beginning to be common place for McClain, Getting arrested is never a good thing for an NFL player, but getting arrested three different times, in the same town, for the same immature behavior is about as bad as it can get. It reeks of contempt of figures of authority and the consequences that his actions could bring. Otherwise, why would this type of behavior keep happening?

The Oakland Raiders, who used a high first-round pick (8th overall) to secure his services, recently released McClain after three disappointing seasons. McClain never lived up to his potential, which should really be no surprise when you look at his self-discipline off the field.

A person who cannot avoid juvenile arrests surely does not have the willpower to derive himself to be the best. The Raiders finally realized this and accepted the $7.26 million in dead money that came as a penalty for cutting ties with the undependable McClain.

The Ravens gave him a one-year deal to see if he could fit into their front seven, which could have been seen as a fresh start for McClain. The deal gives him an opportunity to play for the reigning Super Bowl Champions and join an organization with a pride in its defense that is second to none.

What better circumstances could he have for proving he belongs in this league?

Instead, McClain chose to shoot his mouth off and be disrespectful to the point of ending up in jail … again. How the Ravens will handle this situation is something we will be keeping an eye on. Whatever they do, McClain’s chances of making it through preseason cuts are now seriously in question.

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