Warren Sapp Not Too Sold on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Acquisition of Darrelle Revis

By Paul Seaver

Warren Sapp played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1995 to 2003. He was a seven-time pro bowler in that span and the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year in 1999. One of Sapp’s greatest moments in the NFL came when the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl in 2003 and he has continuously credited his team effort and commitment for that accomplishment.

Well, Sapp isn’t all too happy with the team effort and commitment that Darrelle Revis has shown during his time in the NFL. Revis, who has been to four Pro Bowls already, was acquired by the Buccaneers on Sunday afternoon after they agreed to send a first round draft pick to the New York Jets in exchange for one of the league’s top cornerbacks.

Sapp is cautious with Revis however, and he had some choice words for his attitude and approach to the game of football. Sapp told the Tampa Bay Tribune, “He’s selfish and he’s never been a team player. We didn’t win the championship that way. Derrick Brooks and I always cared more about the team than ourselves.”

Let’s not take Sapp’s comment out of context, even though it’s pretty obvious what he thinks about Revis and the Bucs’ acquisition of him. Sapp clearly wants to see the Buccaneers get back to their winning ways, but that doesn’t mean that the franchise doesn’t as well. Sapp isn’t sold on the Revis deal, so what? Tampa Bay was sold enough on him to give away a first round pick and offer $96 million over the next six years.

As for Revis’ team commitment, well that will speak for itself in the coming years, but he did say during his team introduction on Monday morning that he believes the Buccaneers are “going to make some noise.”


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