2012 NFL Draft Revisited: Russell Wilson or Andrew Luck?

By Bob Kaupang
Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks each struck gold last year when they drafted quarterbacks who will redefine the identity of their organizations for at least a generation of fans. Fans of each team are quite confident that they chose the best quarterback to lead them into the future with Andrew Luck in Indianapolis and Russell Wilson in Seattle.

When fans of each team were posed with the question of which quarterback they would rather have it was unanimous support for their current signal caller. One Colts fan replied: “I can’t believe this is a serious question but you take Luck and it’s not even close. The Seahawks could offer us Wilson and a couple of first round picks and I would still laugh at the offer.”

Another responded: “I really like Russell Wilson too (though) I am a Colts fan, but I would still take Andrew Luck because he is bigger, stronger, just as fast as Wilson. He is also more accurate, and has a higher football IQ. And you gotta love the neck beard.”

Members of the 12th Man were equally supportive of Wilson. One said that “I believe Wilson has more of a ‘killer instinct’ than Luck. When given the keys to the car, like in the second half of the Bears and Falcons games, Wilson became the best quarterback on the planet. Whatever the ‘it’ is that we all speak of, Russell Wilson has it!”

Another responded: “I wouldn’t trade because even though they both have mad game skills and super smarts, Wilson has the ‘little guy’, complex that drives him to be better and more mentally prepared. Luck already knows he is ‘all that’, because he has been adored his whole life. When the pressure ratchets up, the higher level of mental preparedness will succeed. Wilson will be that person.”

Another member of the Seahawks faithful chimed in: “Russell Wilson plays angry, always feeling he has to prove he’s the best player on the field. Andrew Luck patiently allows his talent to take him to his destination. Urgency always wins out over acceptance.”

While sensing that nobody in either fanbase would choose the other guy, I asked neutral NFL fans what they thought of the question.

One football fan said: “I’d rather have Luck. My biggest reason would be that he’s a slightly better pocket passer and that may translate to better health and a longer career. While they’re both very good athletes, Wilson seems to rely more on his athleticism than does Luck. Having said all that, the league is definitely changing and it will be interesting to see how the careers of all these super athletic quarterbacks play out.”

Another stated: “I would pick Luck over Wilson because of his physical tools. His season last year was more impressive than Wilson’s because of the talent level around him. Wilson is and will be a good quarterback as well but he has the benefit of having one of or the best defense in the league. Even though Wilson’s height did not bother him last year it just makes it more difficult for him. I don’t think you can go wrong with either choice but Luck is just a special talent not to choose him to start a team with.”

Another added: “I think both are talented with great futures. However, the history of the game has shown the best quarterbacks are strong arm, pocket passers. I think the main issue for Wilson will be health. I just don’t think he will be durable enough to bring long term success if he tries to run. That said, if they try to use him like the Saints use Brees and limit his running, I think he can still be extremely productive.”

The final response: “Luck has it all. Size, arm, speed, and intelligence. That wasn’t a very good Colts team that he drug to the playoffs. As they put talent around him (like Wilson already enjoys), I really think he’ll tear-up the league.”

Basically, fans of the Seahawks wouldn’t part with Wilson and the same applies about the Colts fan base with Luck. However, neutral fans seem unanimous in their support for Luck. The biggest surprise conducting these interviews was that fans of each team think they have the smartest quarterback.

Being the underdog, except in his support from the 12th Man, is nothing new to Wilson and he would probably have it no other way.

Bob is a Seattle Seahawks writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on twitter @seahawksbob.

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