2013 NFL Draft: Detroit Lions Odds for #5 Pick Posted at Bovada

By Chris Katje
James Lang-USA Today Sports

On Thursday night, the 2013 NFL Draft will air to millions of viewers around the world. Fans of their favorite teams will get to find out who the newest players are on their team. Others will bet on which players will be taken by their team at online sportsbooks like Bovada.

Here is a look at the latest odds of the Detroit Lions number five overall pick:

  • Lane Johnson: 5/4
  • Ziggy Ansah: 3/2
  • Eric Fisher: 3/1
  • Dee Milliner: 15/2

These betting odds make it pretty clear that Johnson has become the latest favorite to go to the Lions. Johnson, an offensive tackle from Oklahoma University, would give bettors only $0.25 profit on a $1.00 bet. The real value here could be if bettors believe the Lions will finally take a corner back in the first round and select Alabama standout Milliner. A $1.00 bet on Milliner would return $7.50 for a profit of $6.50.

Whether you bet on the NFL Draft or not, it’s always fun to look at the weird prop bets. The draft doesn’t offer as many options as Super Bowl betting, but does allow fans to place wagers on:

  • Manti Te’o being drafted before or after the 25th overall selection
  • Geno Smith being drafted before or after the 8th overall selection
  • TyrannHoney BadgerMathieu getting drafted before the 75th selection
  • Number of offensive players taken in the first round
  • Number of defensive players taken in the first round

Bovada will also be providing live betting every pick as players are eliminated from the big board. I won’t be betting on the draft, but would not be putting money on Johnson as the Lions pick. As I recently wrote, I think the team should pass on OT if both Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher are off the board. The team should worry about needs at DE or CB instead.

Chris Katje is the featured Detroit Lions writer for Rant Sports. Follow Chris on Twitter or Google Plus.


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