2013 NFL Draft: Oakland Raiders may find it beneficial to move down

By Josh Walfish
Jason O. Watson- USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been saying for a while now that I thought the Oakland Raiders should make a pick at No 3.

The rationale of course is the fact Oakland is so depleted at certain positions it needs to take a marquee player like Sharrif Floyd at No. 3. However, as the 2013 NFL Draft approaches, I am starting to have some doubts as to whether the Raiders should stay in the top 5.

It is no surprise a lot of teams are trying to move down this year with a lot of decent players not deserving of such big money. However, there are some teams who are trying to move up to pick up one of the three big-name offensive tackles. Those are the teams Reggie McKenzie should be reaching out to over the next couple of days to try and make a deal.

Oakland’s first-round pick should at least fetch a later first-round pick and a second- or third-round selection. The Raiders’ lack of high draft picks is devastating for a team that is rebuilding, and trading down is a way for them to rebuild the roster with high quality prospects. They may find some steals in the later rounds, but it is much more risky that way.

The Raider may not find a trading partner before Thursday’s draft, but it doesn’t hurt to call. The benefits of moving down will far outweigh the consequences and if McKenzie is serious about rebuilding through the draft, Oakland will move at least once on draft day.

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