San Diego Chargers Rumors: Will Tom Telesco Trade Up or Down in Round One?

By Kenny Gardner
Tom Telesco San Diego Chargers
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 NFL Draft is two days from now, and there are rumors that San Diego Chargers GM Tom Telesco could trade up or down from the 11th pick in round one.

According to Tom Krasovic of, “Last week, Tom Telesco told San Diego reporters he’s open to all options: picking 11th, moving up or trading down.”

ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. said “The Chargers are a team we all feel could move up.  If they do, it’s expected they’d draft a left tackle.  The Chargers could also move down and then select a tackle, either right or left.”

San Diego’s front office wants to improve the offensive line because they allowed 49 sacks last season, which ranked fourth in the league. One possibility that Krasovic suggested is that San Diego could trade the 11th pick and their secon- round pick to the Cleveland Browns for the sixth pick in round one.

Cleveland does not have a second-round pick and if San Diego trades their first and second round picks to move up, Telesco would more than likely choose former Oklahoma Sooners LT Lane Johnson.

According to CBS Sports, Johnson ranks fifth among prospects and could go as high as fourth in Thursday’s draft. The Arizona Cardinals have the seventh pick, which could be a problem for San Diego unless they make a trade. Arizona’s offensive line allowed the most sacks in 2012, so Johnson is probably a top candidate for their team.

San Diego was unfortunate with their last two left tackles who were supposed to protect Philip Rivers‘ blindside, so hopefully Telesco will choose the right guy in Thursday’s draft.  There are multiple possibilities for San Diego in round one, but what Telesco does with the 11th pick remains to be seen.

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