2013 NFL Draft: Will the Buffalo Bills Consider Matt Barkley at No. 8?

By Dan Parzych
(Debby Wong/USA Today Sports)

The 2013 NFL Draft is just a few days away and with the No. 8 pick–the Buffalo Bills have numerous areas they can address in the first round. While it may seem tempting for the team to focus on defense, the argument can be made the Bills need to focus on selecting a quarterback with their first round pick.

If USC‘s Matt Barkley is available–they need to strongly consider selecting the star quarterback.

Even if Barkley’s draft stock has declined when compared to one year ago, the USC quarterback has high potential when it comes to playing at the NFL level. There’s a reason why Barkley was considered a top draft pick last year if he didn’t return back to school and now that he’s finally going to be in the NFL–he’s going to do whatever it takes to prove he belongs there.

When looking at Buffalo’s situation at quarterback, it’s safe to say Kevin Kolb is certainly not their answer and is only around as their short-term solution.

Kolb has received plenty of opportunities to prove himself as a starting quarterback in the NFL and if he can’t manage to make it with teams like the Philadelphia Eagles or Arizona Cardinals–chances are he won’t be able to cut it with the Bills either. It’s certainly worth giving Kolb a shot for the 2013 season, but at the end of the day, there’s no question this team would be better off focusing on their future by selecting a quarterback like Barkley in this year’s draft.

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