Baltimore Ravens Should Release Rolando McClain Before 2013 NFL Draft

By Michael Collins
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As the general manager of an NFL team, one rule of thumb you should have is; If the Oakland Raiders can’t handle him or don’t want him, then cross him off our list. But despite being released by the Raiders, Ozzie Newsome decided to take a chance on Rolando McClain and signed him to a one-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens.

Newsome was prudent in making sure that this deal was no-risk to the Ravens, giving McClain no signing bonus, and allowing for Baltimore to release the oft-troubled linebacker without taking so much as a penny’s worth of hit to the salary cap.

And release him is exactly what the Ravens should do. In the words of Warden Norton, “Not tomorrow, not after breakfast…now!”  The Ravens have no need to wait until after the draft, because this draft is far too deep with good linebackers to let a festering boil like McClain cause one more minute of discomfort for this team.

If you weren’t aware, McClain has been arrested (are you ready for this?)…three times since 2011 in his hometown of Decatur, Al. where his latest brush with the law occurred. If you’re an NFL star, and you can’t get a shake in your own hometown? Seriously, that’s a problem.

Allegedly McClain was inciting a crowd that police were trying to disperse, and then resisted arrest when the officers confronted him about his behavior. Disturbing the peace, and resisting arrest charges…now piled on top of his four misdemeanor convictions–reckless endangerment, menacing, third-degree assault and firing a gun in the city limits–which were all later appealed and charges summarily dropped when the accuser decided “not to pursue the case”.

Last season with the Raiders, McClain served a two-game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team, and was demoted from his starting position because of his difficulties in pass coverage, and fatigue that was evident as an every-down player.

Bottom line, the Ravens have no use for this kind of nonsense. They are trying to rebuild a defense that has been decimated by free agent departures and retirement. The last thing that a defending Super Bowl champion wants to deal with is a player who obviously doesn’t take his career as an NFL player very seriously.

There are at least three or more inside linebackers sitting there on the draft board that could contribute just as much, if not more, than McClain, and with a fraction of the headaches.

Just cut the ties Baltimore. It was noble of Ozzie Newsome to give McClain a second chance, but he obviously has no intention of living up to his end of the deal.


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