New Orleans Saints: Is There Really a Market for RB Chris Ivory?

By Andrew Fisher
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

You never know what to believe in the days leading up to the NFL Draft, but some of it always winds up being true. The buzz surrounding New Orleans Saints running back Chris Ivory, is something that’s puzzling to me. Can there really be a market for a back that’s unproven over three seasons? The Saints say that there is.

We all know that the New York Jets are interested in Ivory, but after not making the restricted free agent an offer, it’s now up to a trade getting done between the two sides. New Orleans is absolutely correct to want to trade this guy, and why exactly the Jets are interested, who knows?

Now, the speculation is that the Saints are bluffing when they say multiple teams are interested in Ivory, and they’re merely using it to increase interest in a potential deal. I’m sure Ivory is a decent back, but it’s just odd that New York has targeted him. They must see something in him, and if so, they’ll have to give up a mid-to-late round draft pick to get him.

It’s a win for New Orleans if they can get another pick to use on their defense, and at the same time, clear out the depth chart for Mark Ingram and Darren Sproles. The Saints need to commit nearly all of the carries and touches in their backfield, to those two players in 2013. It’s time Ingram gets a chance to be a feature back, and of course, Sproles is a just a rare talent that must be utilized.

If there really is a market for Chris Ivory, the Saints needs to get on the phone, and make a deal.


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