New Orleans Saints Should Trade Chris Ivory for the Right Price

By Alejandro Aviles
Chris Ivory
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Saints running back Chris Ivory signed his tender a few days ago, meaning that he has officially re-signed with the Saints.

However, there is a strong belief that Ivory will be traded to the New York Jets in the coming days, specifically during the 2013 NFL draft. The trade would be mutually beneficial as the Jets need a running back and the Saints have one too many running backs.

Right now it appears that the Jets will be willing to part with their fifth-round pick (141 overall) to acquire Ivory, but the Saints are looking to get a higher pick. The Saints are reportedly interested in getting the Jets’ fourth-round pick (106 overall) in exchange for Ivory. One thing is becoming pretty certain: the Saints will trade Ivory to the Jets. However, the Saints should trade him for the right price.

The Jets may be low-balling the Saints with their fifth-round pick, and general manager Mickey Loomis should demand the Jets’ fourth-round pick. Ivory is worth at least a fourth-round pick and if the Jets want him bad enough, they will ultimately surrender the pick. Only time will tell which pick the Saints will get.

Ivory is a very powerful runner and would instantly improve the Jets’ backfield. However, there have been questions about his durability as he has been injury-prone throughout his entire career. Ivory’s injury history could prove to be a deciding factor in which pick the Saints could acquire for him. If I am the Saints though, I would definitely play up Ivory’s skills.

This deal seems inevitable at this point since the Jets need a solid running back and the Saints are looking to get an extra draft pick. Draft day will be a very exciting day for all teams, but for the Saints and Jets, it could mean a lot more.

Alejandro Aviles is the Featured Writer for the New Orleans Saints at Rant Sports @aaviles312

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