Scott Fujita Retiring On Top With New Orleans Saints

By Alejandro Aviles
Scott Fujita
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Former New Orleans Saints linebacker Scott Fujita signed a one-day contract with the team yesterday and retired as a Saint. The 11-year veteran also spent time with the Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, and the Cleveland Browns.

Fujita is currently in Machu Picchu, Peru with close friend and former teammate Steve Gleason. Fujita is literally going out on top as he signed his one-day contract on top of a mountain in Peru.

Fujita is joining Gleason in Peru to help promote ALS awareness, the disease that Gleason has suffered with — and advocated awareness for — over many years. It appears that Fujita already has plans for his retirement, and it is great to see him retire as a Saint.

Fujita was a key member of the Saints’ 2009 Super Bowl team, and it only makes sense for him to retire with the team that he won his one and only Super Bowl with. It is unfortunate that his last season as a player was marred by the alleged bounty scandal that took place in New Orleans.

Fujita was one of four players suspended last season for his role in the alleged bounty scandal. However, his suspension was ultimately lifted by former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, and he was able to appear in four games before the Browns put him on injury reserve.

The former Saints’ linebacker will be remembered as a hard-working player that was a staple of the team’s defense. Furthermore, Fujita will always be remembered as a winner as he was one of the best defensive players for the Saints’ Super Bowl team. Off the field, it appears that Fujita will help his friend Gleason with a great cause as he helps him promote ALS awareness.

Bottom line, Fujita is a class act and it is very special that he was able to retire with the team that he loved playing for. Even though he played for many different teams, Fujita will always be remembered as a New Orleans Saint.

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