2013 NFL Draft: Bill Belichick Has Something Cooking for New England Patriots, He Always Does

By Michael Collins
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

By now, everyone has seen the internet meme that has circulated for years with a picture of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick (hoodie up) pasted next to a picture of Galactic Empire head honcho, Darth Sidious. The resemblance is uncanny, and so is the ability of both men to control the minds of those around them.

Every year when the NFL Draft rolls around, people talk about how the Patriots are going to have a tough time finding what they need with such terrible picks, but yet every year Emperor Belichick manages to wangle one or more deals to stockpile even more picks for the Pats.

I don’t get it. Does he call up rival GMs, wave his hand, chanting “These are not the picks you’re looking for” or something?

This year will be no different. The first round will start, and before you know it general managers that are in dire need of certain players will find themselves shaking the hand of the man who has caused their demise in more than one season.

Right now the Patriots are sitting on five picks, two of them not coming until the seventh round. I’d be willing to bet a 2014 first round picks that when all is said and done, the Patriots will have seven turns on the clock. And even if they don’t necessarily add more picks, Belichick will have the Patriots trading up and/or down to get the guys they want.

But it’s not just the number of picks that New England seems to generally accumulate, it’s what they do with them. Belichick has an unbelievable knack for spotting mid to late round talent, and then turning them into bona fide NFL stars by their second year. Look at some of the names from the last few drafts. Aaron Hernandez? Julian Edelman? Seriously, who even had these guys on their draft boards?

Belichick did, that’s who.

It will happen again, guaranteed. BB will pick someone that has the entire football world going “huh?”, and then within a couple of years that player will be an integral part of the Patriots success…which, by the way, has continued for well over a decade now.

Yes, Bill Belichick is up to something. All is quiet from the Patriots’ war room right now, which makes them all the more dangerous. Finding out what rabbit the Patriots are going to pull out of which hat is almost as fun as the entire NFL Draft.

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