2013 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Taking Best Available Player in 1st Round?

By Andrew Fisher
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

The general consensus is that the Houston Texans will take a wide receiver the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. With a playoff team already in place, the Texans need their offense to take it to the next level in 2013. With a solid backfield, and one of the game’s best receivers on the roster, Houston is expected to add more play-makers to mix via the draft. Andre Johnson is even lobbying for the team to draft a receiver, but management could have other plans.

Texans general manger Rick Smith recently made these comments on the team’s draft strategy:

“It always is best player available. It’s vitally important, in my opinion, to the success of consistent drafting to distinguish between need and value. I think when you set your board, you set your board according to value and where you see it, players’ abilities and capabilities to perform.

“If you go into the situation trying to rank and value your players based on need, I think that just opens you up for the potential of making mistakes.”

Even with all that being said, I still don’t see why the Texans would look to a position other than receiver in round one. I get that, in theory, Smith wants to take the best player available, but that can’t always be the selection. He’s likely just saying that the team isn’t going to get locked in, and overlook a player just because they have a need at a certain position. That’s smart, but if you can get your target, even if you have to reach a spot or two, why not?

Of course you have to consider the possibility that Smith’s comments are just that, comments. The Texans could be locked in a receiver, and the GM is just doing the right thing by giving a generic answer . But, Houston was expected by some to take a WR early on last year, and it didn’t happen. I think it’s a different story in 2013, and I’ll be shocked if the Texans select a position other that receiver in round one.


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