Miami Dolphins’ New Uniforms Among Tuesday’s Leaked Photos

By Jeff Everette
Dolphins' Uniforms Leaked Via Twitter
Dolphins’ Uniforms Leaked Via Twitter

 Uniforms were the talk of Tuesday afternoon after the Jacksonville Jaguars revealed their new look, and the upgraded duds of the Minnesota Vikings and the Miami Dolphins were leaked.

This is the second time in the last several week that a Dolphins’ scheduled reveal has been has been spoiled by leaked photos. In late March, the Dolphins’ revised logo was leaked when someone with Nike took to Twitter with pictures. Miami was forced to confirm the logo was legit and had to forego the scripted fanfare. There will still be an official release on Thursday, April 25, but this was not what the organization had in mind when they planned it out.

As far as the new uniforms go, the Dolphins new look is much like the old look, just a bit cleaner. There may be some who aren’t really feeling the helmet, but they should look again. Again, the word clean describes how it comes across. The new logo set on an all white helmet, with the white face mask. The home helmet has the aqua stripe going down the center to accent the solid home jersey. The stripe had been rumored to look like a dolphin’s fin, but it looks as though that rumor was false.

The uniforms themselves are smooth and simple. They honor the Dolphins’ history in their look, but they also have a modern edge to them. Overall, it does not seem as though there is much to complain about, but then again, there is not a whole lot to get excited about either. The organization went with a subtle shift, and these uniforms will look real good if the revamped Dolphins’ squad wearing them wins games.

The white-on-white helmet is what grabs my attention when I look at the whole thing. I love the look, and am surprised that the Dolphins are just the second team to use the white face mask. They join the Kansas City Chiefs in this regard, which seems fitting considering the amount of talk linking the two teams together as they head into tomorrow’s draft.

Whether this re-branding of the franchise will translate into wins on the field remains to be seen. It worked for the Denver Broncos in 1998. They drastically changed the look of their franchise and rode the change to two straight Super Bowl wins. They also had a Hall of Fame quarterback and tight end that helped secure those wins, but the power of the new threads should not be taken lightly.

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