Peyton Manning Asks Teammates to Watch Five Movies

By Andrew Fisher
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning has a reputation for being a jokester, as well as one of the most serious guys in the NFL. On the field Peyton, and off the field Peyton, are likely two very different people. It’s in the offseason, when you hear about the hilarious things Manning does to teammates.

For example, he recently made up a fake bill and assigned it to wide receiver Eric Decker after a workout at Duke University.

He gave notes to all the other receivers in the group that said ‘play along,’ and that they did. Manning got Decker good.

Another funny tidbit came forward in a recent Manning radio interview, when he said that he assigned his teammates to watch movies.

“The past few years, as I’ve reached my elder years as a quarterback in the NFL, I’ve kind of tried to get to know these rookies and try to get on the same page with them. But what I’m finding out is we don’t speak the same language because we don’t know the same favorite movies. In order to get on the same page with me, you need to watch these five movies so we can repeat lines and quotes.”

So which five movies will they be watching? Stripes, Fletch, Caddyshack, The Jerk, and Vacation – all classic flicks from the 80’s. If you don’t know these movies, take a tip from Petyon, and get to watching.

Manning is right on the money by having his teammates watch these classic movies, but I’m not sure today’s generation will get into the films as much as he does. Regardless, I like the logic involved. Manning wants everyone on the same page, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I like his movie choices, but if he wants a quotable movie, look no further than the American classic – Dumb and Dumber.


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