2013 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills Make Surprise Pick with QB EJ Manuel

By Phil Naegely

The quarterback talk for the 2013 NFL Draft revolved around Geno Smith and Matt Barkley. However, the Buffalo Bills traded their No. 8 pick to the St. Louis Rams and picked EJ Manuel with the No. 16 pick. They didn’t choose Smith or Barkley, but rather surprised many by taking Florida State’s Manuel

Most of the latest mock drafts had Manuel being taken in the second round and some had the Philadelphia Eagles choosing him. In fact, the mock drafts ended up being totally wrong, and Manuel ended up being the first QB drafted this year. Fox Sports reminded us the last time a QB was not selected in the first 14 picks.


Manuel will most likely be used as a backup to Kevin Kolb, and many football analysts are saying Manuel is a two year NFL ready quarterback. Kolb isn’t the best quarterback, but Manuel will be able to learn under him and most likely fight against Kolb to be the starter.

The story here is that neither Smith nor Barkley were not the first QB taken this year, but that a little less known quarterback named Manuel caught the attention of the Bills and was the first quarterback taken in the 2013 NFL Draft. Now we will wait and see how Manuel does and many will still be shocked that he was taken over Smith and Barkley. Manuel himself was not too surprised he was taken by the Bills in the first round. This could end up paying dividends for the Bills in the coming year.

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