2013 NFL Draft: Detroit Lions Select BYU's Ezekiel Ansah at No. 5

By RanterX

The BYU Cougars are relevant in football again as they have a top-five pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Ezekiel Ansah had never even seen American football before moving to the United States five years ago and when he arrived in the USA, he was planning on becoming the next LeBron James, at least that’s what he said in his post-pick interview. He also said he’s going to be “LeBron James of the Detroit Lions.” That likely has a little bit to do with his language barrier, but Calvin Johnson probably has something to say about it as well.

Ansah is a super addition to Detroit’s defensive line that was looking like an elite unit two years ago, but fell off big time in 2012. Ansah has great size, athleticism and the skill set to make plays at the NFL level and he’ll have to make a bunch to be considered the LeBron James of Detroit.

Be sure to check out Ansah’s 2013 NFL Draft prospect profile by clicking HERE.

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