2013 NFL Draft: Oakland Raiders Make Smart Move By Trading Down

By Josh Walfish

Reggie McKenzie must be dancing a merry little jig that the Miami Dolphins wanted to trade up to No. 3.

The general manager from the Oakland Raiders was able to move out of the pick and acquire more picks without moving too far down in the 2013 NFL Draft. The trade could not have worked out any better for Oakland, which desperately needed draft picks to fill their roster.

There is no doubt Miami moved up too high to select Dion Jordan, but the price was also curious. Oakland needed to move down, which it did, but the Raiders should have gotten more picks from the Dolphins than just the No. 12 and No. 42 pick in this year’s draft. The low price means McKenzie was desperate to get out of No. 3, but it may have been better for Oakland to take someone at No. 3 than not get enough value for the slot.

Now the question is what Oakland will do at No. 12 and No. 42. Sharrif Floyd could still be available at No. 12, which would be ideal for the Raiders, who may have taken him at No. 3. The real issue is the second-round pick because Oakland’s needs are so vast it is difficult to pinpoint which need is more important than the others. If Oakland goes defensive line at No. 12, it may go secondary at No. 42.

Even though it may not have been enough compensation, Oakland was able to trade down and pick up extra picks. Based on that fact alone, the Raiders made the right move at No. 3.

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