2013 NFL Draft: Kansas City Chiefs Take Eric Fisher No.1 Overall

By Phil Naegely
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in the day, Pro Football Talk reported that Eric Fisher would be taken No.1 overall in the 2013 NFL Draft. Some thought Luke Joeckel would be picked over Fisher, but the Kansas City Chiefs decided to do the opposite. Others are surprised that Fisher was taken over Joeckel, but Fisher is a solid OT draft pick for Kansas City.

This pick makes history as well, as it is the first time a MAC player has been selected No. 1 in the NFL Draft. Fisher performed well in the Senior Bowl. From what I can remember and others have noted this tonight, he was not beat by any defensive lineman in that game. Because of that performance and the private training sessions, the Chiefs decided to pick Fisher.

The Chiefs desperately needed a great LT and they got that with picking Fisher. With him, it looks like they will be able to protect QB Alex Smith. Last year, the Chiefs’ offensive line allowed 40 sacks, more than their defense earned (27).

Discussion and debate will consider whether or not Kansas City was smart to take Fisher over Joeckel, and I understand that, but Fisher has proven himself so far in his football career so give him a chance.  The MAC conference doesn’t always produce quality NFL athletes, but Fisher is an exception to that.

He was asked tonight after being pick No. 1 overall what his next goal was. He replied, “To make the Pro Bowl as a rookie.” Fisher has lofty goals, so let’s not worry too much over if Kansas City picked the wrong tackle. Instead, let Fisher and Joeckel prove to us who is better through their effort and playmaking ability on the field.

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