Cleveland Browns: What Were You Thinking, Quentin Groves?

By Ryan Ruiz
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns‘ woes continued this week. Newly-signed veteran linebacker Quentin Groves made a grave mistake last week when he was caught red-handed soliciting a police officer posing as an escort for sex.

I only have one question; how stupid are you, Quentin Groves?

There are two things I believe a pro athlete should never do. One, pay for sex and two, drink and drive. Although no one should ever do these things, pro athletes should be especially aware of the consequences as they are under a very big microscope by their respective teams.

For the crazy amount of money they get for playing a game, the penalty should be fierce. Though it is earned and provided by God-given talent, being a pro athlete and playing the game they love is a privilege.

I just don’t get it. Athletes are in the limelight and adored, especially in Cleveland. I have been around them and hung out with them many times. While some are regular people just like you and me, others take it all in and soak in being famous or known. The difference is that most of them have more money than you or I could ever imagine.

The fact that the married Groves had to pay for sex is very sad. In my experience, a famous pro athlete has everything at his fingertips and disposal. I have seen first-hand how women flock to athletes and leech off of them — let’s just say that women want to be around these guys.

It is absolutely ridiculous that another bad thing is happening to the Browns and the fans. On top of it being draft week and the new owner being under serious scrutiny, this is just one more act of stupidity Browns fans have to add to their memory banks.

Shame on you Mr. Groves, way to be a great role model.

Ryan Ruiz is a Cleveland Browns Writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @ryanpruiz24.

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