Jacksonville Jaguars Play it Safe, Select Luke Joeckel With No. 2 Pick in 2013 NFL Draft

By Andrew Fisher

The Jacksonville Jaguars decided to play it safe with the second pick in this year’s NFL Draft, by selecting offensive tackle Luke Joeckel. For weeks now, there has been speculation on whether or not Joeckel would go No. 1, but in the end, it was a toss up between him and Eric Fisher. Ultimately, the Kansas City Chiefs played it safe as well, and now two offensive lineman have gone one and two in the draft for the first time since 1968.

For the Jaguars, it was simply an issue of taking the best player available. Joeckel was that guy, and now they’ll get a player who can come in and make a difference right away. We’ll see who the Jags take later in the draft, but it looks like Blaine Gabbert just got some major help.

All of the Geno Smith speculation is now in the past, and fans can move on to thinking about the product on the field next season. Joeckel, in theory, should now be a part of that product for a long time. Teams take offensive tackles early in the draft, to be the backbone of their line for years. Tackles certainly aren’t flashy picks, but sometimes, they’re the right pick.

Joeckel should help keep Gabbert upright, while opening up holes for one of the game’s best running backs in Maurice Jones-Drew. While you can argue that other players would be better for the Jaguars in the short-term, this selection is the best long-term move for the team.

For more information on Luke Joeckel check out his 2013 NFL Draft Profile here!


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