Seattle Seahawks 2013 NFL Draft Prospect: Defensive Tackle Jesse Williams

By Connor Hutyler
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2013 NFL Draft upon us, I thought I would take the opportunity to watch some film on players who are typically projected in mock drafts to go around the 56th pick, which is the first pick the Seattle Seahawks have this year. I decided to scout not just all of the players who are projected to go around pick 56, but rather just the players in that area who would best fit the needs and style of the Seahawks.

The first player I scouted was Jesse Williams, a defensive tackle out of Alabama.  Williams is 6’3″ and about 323 pounds, and is projected by most to be a nose tackle in the NFL.  While that doesn’t necessarily fit the Seahawks’ 4-3 defensive scheme, he could be used on rushing downs, as the Seahawks like to run a variation of the 4-3 that looks almost like a 3-4 on rushing downs.

The Seahawks have three defensive tackles lined up with a fast defensive end, like a Chris Clemons or a Bruce Irvin playing on the end in somewhat of a linebacker role. Williams would be a perfect fit at nose tackle in those situations, especially since his strength comes as a run-stopper.

I watched quite a bit of tape on Williams, and here’s what I gathered as far as strengths and weaknesses.


Williams is an excellent tackler, he wraps up and doesn’t let go. He is a phenomenal run-stopper.  He is incredibly strong and is capable of physically dominating blockers.  Excellent hustle, unlike most defensive tackles, he can be seen getting involved in plays just about anywhere on the field.  He is great at getting into the backfield on run plays.


He isn’t very athletic and lacks quickness/agility.  He lacks the athleticism to be an every-down defensive tackle.  He’s not particularly useful in pass-rushing situations.  He occasionally struggles to stay low and get leverage against blockers.  Can look a bit clumsy at times.

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