2013 NFL Draft: 5 Worst Picks of the First Round

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The Five Worst Picks in the First Round


A lot of people are down on the 2013 NFL Draft, but there was still plenty of drama and entertainment from the Radio City Music Hall Thursday night.

With a lack of skill position players on the big board in round one, five offensive lineman went in the top-10, and a total of nine went in the first round. This was certainly something many projected, but I think most expected more quarterbacks to come off the board.

As always, there was some wheeling and dealing, with several teams moving up and down the board. The St. Louis Rams traded up to No. 8 and got their man in Tavon Austin, while the Minnesota Vikings traded back into the first round, and snagged Cordarrelle Patterson. There was plenty of drama in round one.

Two of the biggest first round surprises came in the form of Manti Te'o and Geno Smith, not getting selected. At one time, both sat at the front of the 2013 class, but the cards ultimately fell in a different way.

This first round will be remembered for all the lineman that were taken, especially the five that went in the top-10. Taking a lineman isn't flashy, but quality tackles and guards, can drastically improve a team.

There were winners and losers in round one, but who made the worst pick? Who made that terrible pick that could cost the franchise for years? Let's take a look:

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#13 - New York Jets Select DT Sheldon Richardson

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Richardson to the Jets was a bit of a shocker at No. 13. Not that Richardson is a bad player, or that he went too early, it's just that he doesn't really fit what the Jets try to do on defense. Most see him as a 4-3 defensive tackle, not a 3-4 defensive tackle. Again, not saying it won't work out, but the logic to take him is a bit odd.

Someone in New York, maybe Rex Ryan, sees something they like in Richardson. He's got the talent, and now it will be interesting to see if he can be molded to fit the Jets' defensive scheme. For a team that needed to hit a home run in this draft, the Jets could have done better at No. 13.

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#12 - Oakland Raiders Select CB D.J. Hayden

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Oh, Oakland, you just don't get it. It doesn't matter if Al Davis is alive or not, the Raiders will still take random players in the draft. Historically, they're a team that hones in on players, and takes them regardless of projections, and that trend continued in 2013. Hayden is no doubt a talented cornerback, but certainly not a No. 12 overall talent.

Most analysts had Hayden as a second or third round pick, not only because of his talent level, but also because of his emergency surgery. Hayden is lucky to be alive after severing a major artery in a freak practice collision last year.

There's just too much risk here for the Raiders at No. 12. Why they would trade out of the third spot, to take a chance on a player and position they don't need, nobody knows?

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#26 - Green Bay Packers Select DE Datone Jones

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Don't get me wrong, Jones is a fine selection for the Packers at No. 26, but was he really the best pick for the franchise? Green Bay has now picked a defensive end in consecutive years, but has yet to address its needs at running back.

On the positive side, Jones should fit in nicely, and provide a strong presence from the traditional 4-3 end spot. I like what he brings to the table for the Pack, but they don't really need pass-rushers. They could use one, but they don't need one like they do with a RB. This pick should have been for the Green Bay backfield.

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#31 - Dallas Cowboys Select C Travis Frederick

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It's growing more and more apparent that Jerry Jones is off completely off his rocker. Yes, the Cowboys needed help on the o-line, particularly at center, but Frederick? This is a guy projected to go in the third round, maybe at best, the second. Dallas should not have reached up to No. 31 for this guy.

There's a decent chance he could develop into a top-tier lineman, he did play at Wisconsin, but why take that gamble in the first round? After trading down, the Cowboys really needed a home run, and they got a single. The first round is for 'sure thing' players, not for players you hope will develop.

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#16 - Buffalo Bills Select QB E.J. Manuel

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The Bills no doubt pulled of the shocker of the first round by trading down, then reaching for E.J. Manuel. Yeah, I get it, he's their guy. They clearly hand-picked him to be the quarterback of the future, but at No. 16? Really?

Manuel is a late first, or second round talent, not a mid-first rounder. The Bills should have kept trading down if they really wanted him. It became clear after awhile that the majority of quarterbacks were going to go on day two, and there's a very strong chance Buffalo could have snagged Manuel later in round one.

In the end, they reached, and now they have a Florida QB playing in Buffalo, who will compete with Kevin Kolb to win the starting job. I don't like it.